Why UTrakk?

Guiding managers through complexity

Organizations are increasingly more complex to manage due to competitive pressure and management tools sophistication. By digitizing the collaboration structure Utrakk creates common language and methodology across hierarchy thereby:

Here's how UTrakk helps managers better play their role:

  • Clarifying managers’ roles and responsibilities through digitalization

  • Increasing manager’s performance in delivering their role

  • Improving supervision experience and employee experience

  • Moving management from a reactive to a proactive posture

  • Facilitating new managers onboarding

Minimizing emergency mode management

Often promoted for their technical expertise, front-line managers have a critical supervisory role but are most of the time required to deal with emergencies at the expense of effective management. Utrakk digital floor tools helps managers being ahead of issues and make their work more effective by:

  • Organizing and planning key management activities

  • Providing a digital framework for an effective floor tool

  • Facilitating identification of performance gaps

  • Speeding up the assignment and resolution of action plans on-the-go

  • Increasing engagement, mobilization and employee experience

  • Reducing administrative workload and the use of paper

Energizing action plans

Information and management tools overload makes it difficult for managers to prioritize tasks – they are victims of "infobesity". UTrakk’s action management capabilities helps management teams to move forward quicker by:

  • Enhancing transparency on issues and improving initiatives for better alignment and coordination

  • Standardizing information display and accessibility

  • Promoting timeliness and problem solving

  • Fostering team member accountability

  • Reducing the amount of time spent searching for information

See Why UTrakk Users Love Us

"It is very simple to program the coaching sessions and then enter the results of these. It is also easy to output statistics in different formats. Coachees can easily track scheduled coaching sessions and their results. UTrakk's support team is available and efficient."

Veronique D.
Managerial Accompaniment Leader

"UTrakk has been part of my daily life for 5 years. It allows us to properly measureand analyze our production gaps and our variances. This software greatly simplifies my work."

Pascal R.
Production Supervisor